My name is Rachit (Call me DJ). I am studying in Seneca@York, CTY, Semester 5. This blog is basically created for SBR600.

This is the link to my Seneca wiki user page:

The following is the chat snippet from IRC.

[18:36] <DJsbr> Hi
[18:37] <DJsbr> just wondering, why I have to select the boot device everytime I start my PC
[18:37] <DJsbr> I’ve installed fedora 16 on my hard disk
[18:37] <DJsbr> Can anyone help me with this?
[18:39] <– ELECTRON_ has left this server (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.).
[18:39] <PaulW_cdot> guid partition table
[18:39] <PaulW_cdot> DJsbr, ^
[18:42] <DJsbr> okay.. I am googling it. Don’t really know how to use it
[18:43] <DJsbr> one more thing..
[18:44] <DJsbr> if you could help me changing my GUI from GNOME 3 to KDE?
[18:44] <DJsbr> GNOME3 is really annoying to be honest
[18:44] <PaulW_cdot> perhaps try xfce
[18:45] <PaulW_cdot> yum groupinstall xfce
[18:45] <PaulW_cdot> n
[18:45] <PaulW_cdot> more gnome 2 like
[18:45] <PaulW_cdot> DJsbr, ^
[18:45] <DJsbr> alright thanks! 🙂

Raspberry Pi:

The project can be helpful in providing cheap and programmable computers everywhere. A whole new era of programmers can emerge and start programming without the fear of losing their family PC’s or investing bulks of money in systems. This will also lead people to opt Computer Science as their field of interest in colleges and universities.


IRC Nick: DJsbr

Learn ID: rchaudhary2

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